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First Welsh Baptist Plymouth Anniversary



The First Welsh Baptist Church of Plymouth is celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year. It was formally established on July 25th and 26th, 1868 by immigrant Welsh miners who came to work in the anthracite coal mines of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The first meeting place was an old schoolhouse near the Washington Breaker. The first session recorded that 18 persons were present. It was not long until the schoolhouse was too small to accommodate all who came seeking worship.

During the second year of the church, 1870, the first building was erected only ending in it being destroyed by fire in 1875. The present edifice was erected in 1876 and it exists today, with some additions and renovations added throughout the years.


All total, there have been fifteen ministers throughout 150 years, with Rev. Anita J. Ambrose retiring last November, 2017 after serving the congregation for 25 years. Presently, the worship services are being conducted by Rev. John Shypulefski.


Throughout the 150 years, music has been an important part of the worship with Welsh hymns being sung at the worship services.

On September 30th a celebratory service will be held at 10:00AM in the church sanctuary, followed by a fellowship hour. A luncheon is planned in the afternoon.

The First Welsh Baptist Church of Plymouth has been and still continues to be a testament to the strong faith in the fundamental truths as taught by Jesus Christ.

by Bud Russell Categories: General, Region Life ~ Date: 9/21/2018
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