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Celebrating Easter Ideas


For churches, Easter is the biggest Sunday of the year for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is -- it's the Sunday in which the Church celebrates the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Another reason is -- this is the Sunday when churches experience the highest number of attendees all year.

Many individuals that attend Easter service have not been to church since Christmas or last Easter. Families who have been out of church for a while, or who have never attended church, tend to select Easter Sunday as the day when they will go to church. Perhaps they do so because they think that it will be easy to blend in and not look out of place. Whatever the reason, keep in mind -- they could be anywhere on that day but have showed up at your church. Show them you appreciate their coming.

Here are some ideas to make your Easter service more memorable and special for all who attend this year. 

1. Set up a photo booth

Since everyone tends to wear their finest on Easter Sunday, what better way to serve those in attendance than with an opportunity to have a photo taken. This doesn't have to be complicated. Create a space where people can have their digital picture taken by someone within your church. Have a printer available for immediate photo prints, or get email addresses to send later in the week. (You could even use the photos to update your church photo directory!)

2. Provide a special treat or a fun give away for those in attendance

In addition to the coffee that your church may already serve on Sundays, you may want to consider providing a special treat, such as cookies, cupcakes, or brownies. Remember, Easter is a day to celebrate!

3. Ramp up the excitement in the kids ministry

One of the best ways to turn visitors into regular attendees at your church is to get the kids excited about coming to church and coming back. Presenting the gospel in fun and exciting ways that kids can relate to is undeniably effective. When the kids have fun and are excited about going to church, then it is the parents who have to bring them.

4. Make sure you have enough volunteers in place

Since your Easter service will most likely have a higher number of attendees than a typical Sunday service, you will want to make sure you have enough volunteers scheduled to serve that day. Also, be sure that everyone is greeted with a warm smile and feels welcomed. This is especially important for first time visitors since you will want to make the best first impression possible. Again, remember these visitors could be anywhere that day other than at your church.

5. Include a creative element in your sermon presentation

Tell the old, old story, but do so in a new and different way. It stretches you and your hearers. People are captivated by a good story, especially when it is a story to which they can directly relate. And there's no better narrative than the good news of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. 

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